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Mottainai Ramen

June 10, 2012

Mottainai Ramen is a fairly new restaurant in the Pacific Square Shopping Center in Gardena off Redondo Beach Blvd. In the same complex as Pacific Market.

I had the Monttainai Ramen which is the Yokohama style – a heavy and rich pork broth with big slices of roasted pork, spinach, green onions and nori. Alana had the Shoyu ramen that had roasted pork, bamboo shoots, green onions and nori. For a shoyu broth, it was still very rich and tasty. The noodles were a thicker style and perfect al-dente. We just had the small bowls but for 1.50 more you can have a large size. You can also add other toppings on request. They also have appetizers, rice bowls, curry, beer and sake. They also have a Sapporo style (miso) and one called Gardena style (spicy miso) and these flavor “bombs” you can order to add in the ramen. We will be returning to try other items for sure. The ambiance is also very nice and the staff very friendly with great service.

The Pacific Square is also a great destination since they have Book Off (used manga and Japanese books/videos), the supermarket to stock up on Japanese food, bakery and boba shop. Don’t forget Beard Papa (the best cream puffs anywhere!) inside the supermarket.