The Counter

The Counter’s slogan is Custom-Built Burgers. They give you a menu on a clipboard when you sit down. You choose from beef, chicken, turkey or even veggie burger in 1/3, 2/3, or 1 lb. sizes. Then from a selection of cheeses like blue, feta, gruyere, goat, cheddar, etc. The toppings selections are hard to choose from since they have so many and you can come up with all sorts of variations which makes this fun! Alana got lettuce, red onion, grilled onion, (yes, she likes onions) and pineapple. I got tomato, mixed greens, grilled onions, and roasted green chiles. Among other selections are olives, cranberries, salsa, eggs, guacamole, chili, bacon, etc.  Also you get a choice of bun like regular, multigrain, onion (yes, she got the onion bun), or bun-less in a bowl for those watching carbs. Then you also choose a sauce from steak sauce, barbecue, and caesar to gourmet ones like chipotle aioli, pesto, tzatziki, etc. Each section of choices also has something called Market Selection which features something that is “local” from the area of the restaurant. Did not find out what those were featured. If you have a hard time deciding, they also have their signature burger selections and sandwiches which look very tempting. We also split a “50/50” sweet potato and regular fries order which were a lot between us.

If you like wine and beer, they serve that too. Burgers start at $8.95 and the fries were $4.25. The one we went to was on Pier Ave. in Hermosa Beach but it is a chain and you can find them all over So. Cal and a few locations popping up elsewhere. Go to to find locations.

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